I am a biologist who studies animal cognition, social behavior, communication, and personalities. I obtained my Ph.D. from Princeton University in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, where I worked with ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta), ravens (Corvus corax) and crows (Corvus corone). I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at UCC, where I study individual variation in cognitive abilities of Parus major and Cyanistes caeruleus.


Ipek- Lemur- Kulahci etal 2014Paper in Royal Society Open Science! Being socially connected to others is critical for learning in ravens, who selectively observe and learn from the group members with whom they share strong social bonds.

Click on the journal cover to access the paper "Social networks predict selective observation and information spread in ravens". This study is a collaboration with Christine Schwab and Thomas Bugnyar from the University of Vienna in Austria, and with Will Hoppitt from the University of Leeds in UK. Our paper was featured in University of Vienna (German, English), derStandard, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Wiener Zeitung, LeScienze, and Washington Post.

Ipek- Lemur- Kulahci etal 2014Vocal exchanges complement grooming interactions in ring-tailed lemurs, and allow the strongly bonded conspecifics to maintain social bonds with each other by grooming-at-a-distance.

Among all papers published in Animal Behaviour within six months, our paper titled "Lemurs groom-at-a-distance through vocal networks" reached the highest Altmetric score! Our paper was featured in Science Editor's Choice, Princeton University, ScienceNews, Nature World News, Pacific Standard, Daily Mail, and Today's Science.

Ipek- Lemur- Kulahci etal 2014

Ring-tailed lemurs recognize familiar females by matching females' scents and vocalizations.
This study is a collaboration with Christine Drea from Duke University.

Click on the journal cover to access "Individual recognition through olfactory - auditory matching in lemurs", published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, which was featured in Duke University, Natural History magazine (June 2014 issue), NSF, and Science et Vie Découvertes (May 2017 issue).

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Conversations with Scientists. Kulahci, Ipek G.: Up Close and Personal with Animals.

Animal behavior and cognition (in Turkish; Bipolar Pisi).


Ipek Kulahci, Ph.D.